Welcome to Finscitech

Investment Science is at the heart of our company.

We employ proprietary, cutting-edge analytical tools to find, quantify and understand relationships in economic data that enable stock trading to be done more profitably than passive investing in “the market”, i.e., the S&P 500.

We are experts in stock market price behavior. We have unparalleled expertise regarding the powerful force of momentum on prices. We do not neglect the countervailing force of reversion-to-mean; in fact, our models specifically account for short-term reversal.

We use our knowledge and systems to do a better job of stock selection. Our award-winning Channel Trend stock-selection models have been used by leading domestic and international financial institutions. See www.channeltrend.com. Our models are richer and more fully developed than naïve momentum indices.

We also have advanced, proprietary systems for the construction and maintenance of stock portfolios. We offer model portfolios through our subsidiary McAlan LC. See www.mcalan.com.

At the end of the day, what matters is performance. It is to that standard that we hold ourselves accountable. We find alpha, create alpha and deliver alpha.

For more information on Systematic Momentum/Reversion Portfolio Management, click here.