Welcome to Finscitech

We find, quantify and understand relationships in economic data that enable investing to be done more profitably than passive investing in “the market”, i.e., the S&P 500.

We offer proprietary information on financial markets:

  • Weekly Stock Assessments on approximately 1700 large and mid-cap stocks traded in the US. The information is delivered in the form of a large Excel file. The stocks are ranked to show their relative attractiveness, and the information can be sorted and re-organized using well-known Excel data-manipulation procedures.

  • Tactical asset allocation Model Portfolios. They are ideal for investors who have less than $1 million to invest. They are invested in major asset classes. Comprised of inexpensive ETFs, these portfolios are easy and cheap to implement. There are four model portfolios: high-risk, medium-risk, low-risk and income.
  • Weekly market commentary.

All of these products incorporate proprietary investment economic models:

  • Stock Assessments data are derived from our proprietary momentum/reversion, risk and valuation models. They were created by our Channel Trend subsidiary. These models have been used by many of the largest financial institutions in the world, including Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, UBS, Merrill Lynch, Fidelity, The Principal Group and Deutsche Bank. See more information, see www.channeltrend.com.

  • The Model Portfolios are based on a proprietary macro-economic model that invests based on the relative attractiveness of the various asset classes at a given point in time.